Hello, I’m Chace. And I’m an Engapoo, New York-born and raised. Like any self-respecting New York City dog, I like to turn heads. And not just with my winning smile and fabulous haircut—I like to strut with style. 

But whenever my mom Stephanie tried to dress me in bandanas, I wasn’t impressed. They were always stiff, scratchy, and the prints were kind of a snooze fest. Plus they kept on falling off!

Then one day I was in mom’s textile design studio watching her work and I thought, if she’s designing chic high-end fashion prints all day, why can’t she use those talents on me? So we dreamed up Chace New York, a line of stylish, high-quality bandanas for pups who strut (obviously it had to be named after me since it was my idea). 

MADE IN NYOf course, it needed to meet my high standards of design and functionality, which meant it needed to be:

  • Artisanal: We use artisan-crafted, one-of-a-kind prints that are individually handmade with the highest attention to detail.
  • Functional: We designed a stay-loop into the neckline so that the bandana is extra secure and stays on after it’s knotted. Plus, our double-sided rayon silk fabric is soft but durable and can be washed a million times. 
  • Eco-friendly: We use an eco-printing method that doesn’t consume any water waste and our packaging is recyclable.
  • Made in America: We help keep small manufacturing jobs in the USA.
  • Socially conscious: We donate proceeds from sales to help pups in need at local shelters.
  • Future-focused: We feature up-and-coming female artists several times a year for limited-edition collections.